Yes, Really.

I’ve always been a big believer in standing up for what you believe in, helping those without a voice, working together with others in the goal of something meaningful, and doing so in a respectful and dignified manner.

Sometimes, when we are clear and direct about what we are distressed by and how we want things to change… it makes an impact. Those of you who regularly read my column will probably remember a certain letter I sent to Channel 5 News in the UK, after hearing from a friend that the station aired footage/photos of Dan Wheldon’s fatal accident, in order to draw comparison between his & Dario Franchitti’s more recent wreck in Houston this month.

Well, I am happy to now report that they did indeed respond to my letter and took impressive action – the action we were hoping for… (Below is the relevant paragraph that I wanted to relay from their response email & not the email in its entirety.)

October 11th, 2013
We appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns and have noted the details of your complaint in the Viewer Enquiries Report. This is circulated throughout the company and seen by all relevant personnel. As a gesture of goodwill to Mr Wheldon’s family and friends we have removed the item from the programme’s website.  We have also taken steps to edit and remove those images from the report so that the report will not be used again in that form.
– Viewer Advisor, Channel 5 News

WE DID IT. Thanks to all of your retweets, responses, comments and action on Twitter, in addition to additional letters written to the station or other appropriate outlets in the UK… we did it.

I simply wanted to share this with all of you so you could take pride and solace in the fact that we made change happen. We got those images removed from future reports and our efforts were not in vain. I am so honored to have been a part of this change and thankful to those of you who asked me to share my letter here on More Than a Fan: Wheels. It felt like the article around the letter was a sort of catalyst for this action and I could not have done it without my #indyfamily. We love Danny & we will always protect him… as well as his family.  I think we proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt with this incident.

Thank you for standing with me on this issue and for fighting with me. We were most definitely heard.