It's Election Day! Vote @hinchtown!

Every November, we come together as communities, states and a nation as a whole to vote on issues that directly affect us in our everyday lives. Whether it is a vote cast for the mayor of our city to continue moving our community onward and upward, a levy passed for our schools to give children busing or a music program, or a levy continued so that our Metroparks stay protected and well-utilized… every single vote matters and counts. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, on the voting system in our country and you can voice strongly on whether you believe it is skewed or legitimate, but what it always comes down to is that if you don’t take a proactive stance in local government and politics (regardless of whether you are for or against the structure of it all) then you have no platform on which to speak and no right to complain when things don’t go the way you wanted. Being apathetic is the most dangerous thing that we as citizens of a democracy can be.

Let’s open up this can of worms and discuss the importance of voting in all fields… and at all levels. You can vote for President, you can vote for your Senator and you can even vote for your Mayor. Did you vote for the Mayor of your city today? If so, great job! You have performed your civic duty for the day. But what about voting for the Mayor of Hinchtown? Have you thought about that, on this auspicious Election Day 2013? I certainly hope so!

James Hinchcliffe, the esteemed and self-proclaimed Mayor of Hinchtown is also in the midst of an election today. He is one of the nominees for SportsNet Canadian Athlete of the Year!

With three victories under his neon green belt in 2013 and finishing the most recent IndyCar season in 8th place overall, not to mention his unwavering humor in the face of stress & constant love for his fans, it’s no surprise to this writer that he made the cut. And of course, in his classy Hinch fashion, he commented on this prestigious nomination,

“It’s an honor to receive a nomination and I’m simply proud to be on the list in amongst so many outstanding Canadians… We can all be super proud of our accomplishments as athletes this year and it shows the strength and determination of Canadians to succeed in competitive environments.  Even better, it’s a fan vote and in my opinion that’s all that matters as they’re the people who matter.”

Let’s make Hinch proud and show him the overwhelming support that we as his #indyfamily can provide!

Now, while the election polls in your local community have limited hours and only give you today to cast your votes, the SportsNet Canadian Athlete of the Year voting is open now thru Nov 15th! Another big difference is that your local election polls can only legally allow you one vote per person per issue… however, when voting for the Mayor of Hinchtown, we support the old adage of: “The more, the merrier!”

So make sure you fulfill your IndyCar-racing-fan-responsibilities today by voting early & voting often!