Photo Gallery: Mid-Ohio Track Walk & Indy Fans Tweet Up

I am a writer. But I am also an aspiring photographer… and sometimes it is true what they say… a picture is worth a thousand words. With that said, I want to share two great experiences I had at the Mid-Ohio  Sports Car Course last weekend.

The first was the Track Walk on Thursday night. I have never participated in this before – usually because I am traveling the night before the official start to the race weekend – but I was in town and decided to go for a stroll on my “home track” and enjoy the beautiful summer evening. Anyone that knows me, knows that I like to walk/hike/travel solo, if given the choice. So I took this opportunity to clear my head and take everything in – walking meditation, if you will.

The second experience that I want to share with you through photographs, is the Indy Fans Tweet Up at Mid-Ohio. This Tweet Up was very bittersweet – while I was (and am still) so very honored to help Pippa organize and host the event, we all missed having Amy there. She & Pippa started the Indy Fans Tweet Up and we can’t wait to have her back in action next season! I could never fill Amy’s shoes but I was flattered to have been asked to help in her absence. I hope to help out with more Tweet Ups in the future! This one was so great – we had an awesome turnout, lots of mingling and getting to put people’s faces to their names, which is exactly what the Tweet Up is all about! We had the crew from Arms Up Motorsports join us as well as a handful of #MRTI drivers who were gracious enough to answer fan questions!

I hope you enjoyed all these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them and experiencing the moments they captured.