Track Tech Special Edition: Verizon Wireless Announces Connection Day

If you are a regular reader of my Track Tech series here on MTAF Wheels, you know that I review Verizon Wireless devices and the technology that drives them. Well, this posting is a little bit different. I named this series of articles “Track Tech” because Verizon Wireless is the title sponsor of the Verizon IndyCar Series and the majority (if not all) of my travels in the past year have been based around covering the IndyCar circuit and I couldn’t have done so without the generosity of Verizon Wireless giving me this awesome opportunity to try out their newest and most advanced products.

Their generosity does not stop there. Verizon Wireless announced today that November 26th will officially be deemed “Connection Day”.

I love the play on words here. The day before Thanksgiving has historically been the busiest travel day of the year, with much of that traveling happening within airports all around the country. Seasoned and amateur travelers alike have to make their “connections” and in doing so, they are guaranteed to reconnect with loved ones. In the past decade or so, we have become increasingly dependent on our technological connections as well. Making a quick call, dropping a text, sending a direct message, tweeting out or updating our status have become part of our verbiage… and a part of our everyday lives. So when the holidays approach and we find ourselves in busy airports, crowded cities, and packed homes, sometimes our blood pressure goes up… and so do the parts of our monthly wireless bills that are bold-faced: DATA CHARGES!

Verizon Wireless wants to help ease some of that tension by gifting an additional 1 GB of data at NO extra cost to their More Everything customers who register here. They are even reaching out to customers who are not on their More Everything plans – offering them a discount on the Mophie Powerstation 4000!

The generosity (and downright awesomeness) doesn’t stop there! Verizon Wireless is offering freebies from Amazon, Apple, Boingo Wireless, Conde Nast, Gogo Technologies, JetBlue AND Pandora! And get this… these freebies are available to ALL wireless consumers, whether Verizon is your current wireless provider or not. ‘Tis the season, after all!

Interested? I thought you might be. Here are all the details on the freebies from the above listed partners:

Amazon is offering a selection of 10 free/discounted apps, 2 free Audible book downloads to new members and a $10 Audible credit to current members.

Apple has a very special offer on iTunes which will be revealed on Connection Day, November 26th!

Conde Nast is offering free digital downloads of all 17 Conde Nast publications. These include Wired, Vanity Fair and GQ to name a few…

Boingo Wireless (Wi-Fi in airports) and Gogo Technologies (inflight Wi-Fi) will offer complimentary internet sessions on November 26th.

JetBlue will offer free inflight Wi-Fi, or as they call it: Fly Fi, for the duration of all flights starting November 26th and running through December 31st.

Pandora Media will be offering a free seven-day trial of Pandora One, which is the subscription-based version of Pandora that allows listeners to enjoy no ads, more skips, and fewer timeouts.

If you have any questions about the offers listed here, MTAF Wheels, Track Tech or Verizon Wireless, please reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook. If I don’t have the answer for you, I guarantee I know someone who does! Above all, I wish you and yours very Happy Holidays & safe travels this season!

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