Track Tech: Valentine's Day Edition

infographicI’ve never been a relationship person.

I’m loyal when it comes to family and friends but I’ve never seen myself being committed to one person, romantically, for a long haul… let alone “til death”. It’s not an issue with commitment. I’ve had the same car for the past seven years and counting, and I’m coming up on five years with the same company. I love both of those things very much and it would be hard to let either one go because, in these particular aspects, I enjoy the stability. I put a lot of time and effort into both, I take pride in them, and they give just as much, if not more, back to me. I think part of the reason I have grown such an attachment to the car and the job is because they provide me freedom. Freedom to go where I want, when I want, without question… and freedom to enjoy life without financial worry and fund the adventures I want to experience.

The other two commitments that have been in my life the longest are my passion for IndyCar racing and my loyalty to the Verizon Wireless network. I know this might sound kind of strange but I was thinking about it, with this weekend being Valentine’s Day, and it is true. As I said many times in the past I fell in love with IndyCar at the age of 3… and Verizon, well I’ve been using that religiously since the age of 15 – more than half my life.

Why, you might ask, am I talking about Valentine’s Day, IndyCar, and Verizon Wireless? Other than the sponsorship between Verizon Wireless and the IndyCar Series, they seem unrelated!

Not true.

They all have one big thing in common: technology. I’m not trying to sound like a print ad, but it’s difficult for me to discuss Verizon Wireless and its reliability as the number one wireless network without praising them.

As far as IndyCar, the technological aspects of the series are limitless: from social media engagement to engineering and safety standards, it seems that the series is driven, and will continue to be driven by, the tech advancements that continue to further racing, capture the interest of fans, and help to ensure the health of drivers and team members.

Now, how exactly is technology linked to Valentine’s Day? Well, let’s think about it for a moment… how many times do you call your significant other on the phone every week? How often do you text each other when you’re apart? Do you use apps to make dinner or hotel reservations? How about for checking movie times in preparation of planning a date? Do you use the GPS services on your phone to help you find that new theater in town or a hidden-away wine bar to surprise your partner? We sometimes take technology for granted and forget how much it’s become an integral part of our daily lives – even the most intimate parts of it. It assists us and helps things run smoothly and I guarantee we would notice if it disappeared.

According to a recent survey of more than 7,000 participants conducted by Verizon Wireless, more than half communicate via technology on Valentine’s Day and the majority of folks (79%) will send some form of electronic wish rather than the old-fashioned paper card. And when it comes to romancing your Valentine, technology puts it all at our fingertips.

 In fact, this year on Valentine’s Day, 82% of those surveyed are likely to get a restaurant recommendation or make a restaurant reservation using their electronic device and 97% are likely to use their electronic device to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. But what will they purchase? A whopping 80% are likely to surprise their loved ones with some form of technology this year.

Oh, and let’s not forget about all the singles on Valentine’s Day! Even though we get generalized and lumped into one group: SINGLE… there are many kinds of single. You have those that are bitter, those that are complacent, those that are apathetic, and those who rejoice in the single status and actually prefer it… like me! The beautiful thing about technology is that we can all find other people who share our opinions. So, regardless of what your “status” is or whether you enjoy being single, in a relationship, or hey… maybe you just like the chase… feeling like someone else out there “gets it”, is always comforting.

Love is a beautiful thing and it comes in many different forms, so whether it’s the love you have for a sport, a partner, a pet, or for your life itself… I urge all of you to stay true to who you are. I promise that when you do that, amazing things happen.

On that note, I’m off to Cleveland’s best confectionery, Malley’s Chocolates, to treat myself to a box of their delectable chocolate-covered strawberries… Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed!

Even Google's infographic represents the importance of technology on Valentine's Day. Notice the GPS markers above the icon's heads that form a heart and the texts they are sending each other!
Even Google’s infographic represents the importance of technology on Valentine’s Day. Notice the GPS markers above the icon’s heads that form a heart and the texts they are sending each other!

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