Double the Tweet Ups, Double the Fun: @IndyFansTweetUp TODAY, Sunday 4/19 with K1 Speed at Long Beach!

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You heard that right, folks – a second Indy Fans Tweet Up during this race weekend at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach! We have a special guest PLUS race passes from K1 Speed for on-site karting!

If you have attended any Verizon IndyCar Series races in the past few years, you’ve probably been to an event or two over at the IndyCar Fan Village. A visit to the village was always welcoming, almost like going home, and there was one guy who really helped that develop that atmosphere for fans: Trevor Anthony. Unfortunately, this is the first season without Trevor as the Fan Village emcee and the fan base has definitely noticed the absence of his smiling face, infectious laughter, racing knowledge and overall happy demeanor. Don’t get me wrong, the Fan Village is still a great place for fans to meet and interact through IndyCar series sponsored events… but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we notice Trevor NOT being there.

That said, we wanted to make sure you fans that have gotten to know Trevor over the years, had a chance to reconnect. So he will be our special guest of honor at this morning’s Indy Fans Tweet Up! Come chat with him, talk to him about his awesome adventures post-Fan Village (the guy is EVERYWHERE) and maybe even win a cool prize for attending!


What’s the cool prize you ask? Well, the awesome group at K1 Speed Karting has set up a track at the beginning of vendor’s row. The ticket tent & winner’s podium are at ground level and the track is on the roof of the parking garage! If you enter at the Green gate off of Ocean Blvd, you won’t be able to miss them as you head towards the grandstands and IndyCar paddock. The ground level, in front of the K1 Speed ticket tent is where we are meeting!


K1 Speed is the premier karting company in America, and they want to give away Karting Race Passes for their exclusive track here at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach to 2 fans that attend the Indy Fans Tweet Up today at 10:30am! Trevor & I will be asking some fun Indycar trivia questions about the current series drivers in order to find our lucky winners!

Quick Facts:

What: The Indy Fans Tweet Up at Long Beach, Take 2! (with special guests Trevor Anthony & K1 Speed!)

Where: In front of the K1 Speed ticket tent, at the start of Vendor’s Row

When: TODAY, Sunday April 19th at 10:30 AM

Who: YOU, THE FANS! Bring friends, family and new folks you happen to meet here at the track!

Why: Because this is what IndyCar is all about… the fans coming together to discuss the series and meet with others that share their passion. The drivers pilot the race cars but the fans pilot the success of the series.

We look forward to seeing you later this morning! Watch the IndyCar Series warm-up at 10am and then come have fun with us and even get some racing in of your own with K1 Speed!


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