The Only Thing We’re Qualifying For Is Flood Insurance

This article was originally published on MTAF Wheels, which is now dark. Thank you for enjoying it here through the Live Full Throttle Archives. 

Right before all the track action for the remainder of today was cancelled, I posted the above as a hashtag on a tweet. Someone told me I won the internet. I also thought it a winning title for this article. 

Because of today’s weather interrupting the qualifying session, we will have a one-day qualifying format for tomorrow, Sunday May 17th, 2015. Here is how things will work:

All of today’s times will be wiped out. Everyone starts with a clean slate on Sunday.

The Verizon IndyCar Series drivers will go out for practice in 2 groups. Group 1 will have the track from 8:00 – 8:20AM. Group 2 will have it from 8:20 – 8:40AM. There will be no guaranteed amounts of time for green flag track time during the practice period.

At 10:00AM, all cars will be allowed through the line ONE TIME. The standard warm-up lap and 4-lap average format will apply per usual. Positions 10-30 will be locked in for the grid at the end of this session. Session is slotted to run until 1:00PM.

Starting at 1:45PM, the Fast Nine Shootout will occur. This session is scheduled to last until 2:30PM.

From 3:00 – 3:30PM, positions 31-33 will be set along with any unqualified cars.

All that said, let’s go home, do an anti-rain dance, and hope for a minimum of 5 hours with clear skies, dry track and fast cars. See you at the track bright and early tomorrow!