Let’s Live Full Throttle & Love Every Minute

Grabbing my seatbelt bag, my knock-off Toms, and doing what I do best...  taking on the world, solo! Peace.
Grabbing my seatbelt bag, my knock-off Toms, and doing what I do best… taking on the world, solo! Peace.

Everyone has that moment, or maybe even moments in life, when we realize that it’s time to move on, spread our wings, and do our own thing without anyone holding us back. I had that realization a few weeks ago and the past few days were the most freeing I’ve had in a while.

I’m not a vengeful or spiteful person. I leave that up to those that are hard-wired for it and I keep on moving, silently thanking whoever is in charge of this whole thing, that I do not process life that way. I process it with filters of optimism & realism, at full throttle, and with a happiness that I worked incredibly hard to find within myself.

I am very thankful to More Than a Fan – Wheels for giving me a platform to showcase my work and really tap into my abilities as a writer over the past (nearly) 2 years. The reason I accepted their recruitment was because of the freedom I was given to discover what kind of writer I was and the support I received from Josh Flagner. I have to take a moment and thank him, in particular.

Josh would joke about how I was going to be running the network pretty soon, given the success I was finding and the content I provided to Wheels. That always made me laugh, but also take a step back. I was just doing what I loved. It was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that my work was relevant and actually receiving attention. I’ll never forget when Josh tweeted that I deserved to have my own hashtag. I thought that was awesome, and more than a couple times over the past few years I used the hashtag #livefullthrottle when referencing all my crazy adventures, travels and experiences that rarely included sleep.

So, when it was time for me to branch out on my own, that hashtag kept coming into my mind and I realized… that’s it. That’s the name of my motorsports site. And here we are.

Change is inevitable and unfortunately, change isn’t always positive. And when I began to recognize that my creativity and love for the sport and enjoyment when it comes to variety of coverage was no longer being embraced, I knew it was time to go and get this site live once and for all. Everything happens for a reason and I can not wait to see what this new venture brings my way.

I hope you will all come along for the ride…