Never the Same: Race Morning at the Indianapolis 500

Good morning fans, it’s raceday!

I don’t think that phrase will ever get old to me. It’s the pivotal moment we work towards every race weekend and it holds special significance on Memorial Day weekend. Today is the 99th Running of the Indianapolis 500. It marks the 300th career start for Tony Kanaan and just like every time we turn the cars loose on these hallowed bricks, we have the potential to witness history in the making. Could we see Helio Castroneves become the fourth driver in IndyCar history to achieve his fourth Indy 500 win today? Who will end up on the podium? Will a rookie emerge victorious?

There are so many statistics and patterns that we could plug into spreadsheets & algorithms, in an attempt to predict what will happen this afternoon. The word predictable however, is not in her vocabulary. By her, of course, I am referring to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. She is alive, she is moody and she has the biggest, if not only, say in who comes out victorious on her grounds every May. I think that is why we all keep coming back. I doubt there will ever be a time where we will have “seen it all” at this facility. Every year, every raceday, presents us a new opportunity as we embrace the tradition of this event. You will never have the same experience twice.

Perfect example, the first time I came here on race morning was 29 years ago. But never have I been sitting at a desk and writing my thoughts down above Tower Terrace, as the insanely amazing sunrise progressed, casting a bright orange glow on my hands and on the side of my face, casting shadows on my keyboard. See? I’m having one of those poetic moments with IMS right now. And I doubt I’ll ever forget it.

As you arrive here at the track today, or while you watch from the comfort of home, remember to take it all in. Enjoy every moment and be a part of the experience. There are no perfect days in life, nor are there perfect days in motorsports, but just as the title of this new site encourages you, live full throttle… and enjoy every second that’s granted to you. Let’s pray for a safe and entertaining race for the Verizon IndyCar Series teams & drivers this afternoon and appreciate that we are in the presence of greatness, in a multitude of ways.