Track Tech: Verizon Wireless’ LG G Pad 7.0 LTE

This midsize tablet from LG is one of the latest in the Verizon Wireless lineup. The LG G Pad 7.0 LTE is lightweight but still substantial enough to not feel flimsy or cheap. It allows for one-hand handling, making swiping and selecting a breeze while on-the-go. The Android operating system provides the user with all the apps they could possibly need… plus extra features & widgets that you didn’t even know you wanted until you experienced them!


The LG G Pad isn’t just a tablet, it’s a device that helps you run your life efficiently. Q Link allows users to link their Android devices and get notices such as incoming calls and texts on the G Pad. Users can even answer calls, reply to texts and respond via social media from the tablet!

If you’re a multi-tasker like me, sometimes one app at a time just doesn’t cut it. You can use the Dual Window feature on the G Pad to display two windows at once – allowing you to reference both simultaneously or even move, drag, copy and paste items from one app to another.

The Smart Keyboard lets you modify the touch screen keyboard to the height and key-size preference you find comfortable as well as the location and function of some keys. Another customization to the touch screen is a security feature. Knock Code is a way to secure your tablet by defining a series of knocks on the screen in lieu of a password or pin. You can create the pattern of knocks and change it as often as you desire.


0419151543gI traveled to the west coast in April in order to cover the Verizon IndyCar Series Grand Prix of Long Beach and along for the ride was my LG G Pad. I found the size of the tablet very convenient, a large 7.1 inch screen to work from, yet still easy to hold with one hand and it fit into even my small crossbody purse easily. It’s not a “back pocket” device, but it’s also not bulky enough to look silly holding or carrying by hand, at the airport, throughout the hotel or running around at the track.

The aforementioned 7.1 inch screen is larger than the biggest smartphones currently on the market, but not as huge as a full-sized tablet that usually measures around 10 inches. The screen size made it easier to see more social media notifications at once and switching between accounts was a breeze, especially with two Indy Fans Tweet Ups over one weekend!

I also used the LG G Pad while covering the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama at Barber Motorsports Park from a distance, while at home in Cleveland. It was great to have IndyCar 15 running on the tablet while live tweeting from my laptop. It was easy to read everything while having the tablet propped up – referencing details easier than I could on a phone but without the device overcrowding my workspace.


In order to keep travel times down to a minimum (always a top priority when commuting around Southern California), I utilized voice-to-text searching on the OK Google app on a daily basis for my navigation needs. The Google Now widget kept me up-to-date with flight time and gate changes heading to and from Los Angeles County. During my layover in Las Vegas, our departure time was delayed three times, the gate changed twice and the plane itself was switched out! Even with all these changes, I was constantly kept in the loop thanks to the real-time updates on my homepage and the reliability of the Nation’s best wireless network. Sometimes, I received the updates prior to overhead announcements in the terminal, that was priceless for managing my time and making sure I was ready to move in a timely fashion.


Travel is something I thoroughly enjoy, even with the potential complications. One thing that’s been consistent through all my travels and my racing adventures is my photography. I’m always “that person” in the group capturing moments via film. That film nowadays is of the digital persuasion and I enjoy trying out the cameras on different Verizon devices every month. The camera on the LG G Pad, while only 5 MP, was surprisingly impressive. It produced sharp clean images as long as I wasn’t zooming in more than 1X. I wouldn’t recommend it as a primary camera or one for capturing incredible detail, but for taking simple shots and posting to social media, it definitely gets the job done.


I use the Mophie Powerstation XL portable battery charger on a regular basis at the track. Given the multiple applications I have open at once, the amount of tweeting I do during live coverage periods and the number of photos I take, edit and post in a relatively short amount of time, my devices simply need the extra pick-me up! Running back and forth between the hotel, car, media center, paddock, pits, and other commitments around the track doesn’t always leave a lot of time to be still and just plug in. Having the Mophie gives my devices a recharge while still in active use so that I can keep moving and never have a disruption in my work. Yes, I said devices as in plural because the Powerstation XL is a duo charger, allowing users to connect two USB-connected items. Once it’s at full charge itself, the Mophie can provide complete recharge for four batteries. The Mophie allows me the ability to continue at a quick and constant pace, which I’m used to maintaining on a regular basis.


Every device I review for Verizon Wireless has a feature that stands out to me. It’s usually the first thing I find myself gushing about when asked in person why I like/d a particular device. I decided to start a new tradition with the Track Tech pieces here on Live Full Throttle. I’ll end each review with a paragraph or two where I simply swoon over this memorable and unique feature.

lg-g-pad-7-0-lteI discovered my favorite feature of the LG G Pad 7.0 while simply playing around with the tablet. The Slide Aside feature was something I ended up using multiple times a day. By simply swiping the screen left with three fingers, it froze the app or program I was in, exactly in that moment. Essentially, it waited on the sidelines until I needed it again. I loved this! No unwanted app restarts or refreshing of a timeline when I went back to where I slid the app aside. It was like having manual override with an autonomous device. Every now and again, that’s a very appreciated level of control with technology!

One instance of using it that immediately comes to mind was when I was trying to read a Verizon IndyCar Series article on my way out of New Orleans after the Grand Prix weekend in April. I started reading it when I woke up, and then read a little bit at a time between walking through the airport, checking bags, making my way through security, waiting at my gate and ultimately boarding the plane. In the midst of all of that, I needed to access the GPS program for directions, my email for boarding passes and rental car agreement, and texting for communication. I went back and forth between the aforementioned IndyCar article and all those other apps & programs, without ever losing my place, and without ever being more than a single swipe away from my travel documents. Slide Aside allowed me to move quickly, multitask and not hold up any of my fellow passengers.

The Verizon Wireless LG G Pad 7.0 LTE is the perfect travel tablet – comfortable enough to feel like home, engineered to engage your adventurous side, and advanced enough to literally help you find your way home when you go a little too far off the beaten path thanks to it’s navigation abilities. If you already have Android devices, this is a great addition to the family, syncing and helping to keep you in touch with friends and up to date on everything you care about.

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