Track Tech: Verizon Wireless’ HTC One M9

As soon as I took the HTC One M9 out of the box, I was impressed. It took me a moment to notice the two tone metallic body because at first I thought, “Wait.. is this gold or silver? Oh… it’s both!” The back panel and front speakers above and below it’s 5-inch HD screen are silver, while the smooth & cool edge of the entire device is gold, without being pretentious.

M9 from the VergeThe metal body of the HTC One M9 is classy and elegant while still maintaining that modern technology appeal. I had people ask me where I found a two-toned iPhone 6 to which I always responded, “I didn’t, I found something better,” which sparked good conversation and gave me plenty of opportunities to share the awesomeness that is the HTC One M9 with friends and even strangers!

Capture & Edit Images

The 20 megapixel camera with scratch-resistant sapphire glass lens cover was one of my favorite features. The quality of the images that I can get from a phone is one of the determinations I use for my overall impression of the device. The HTC One M9 earned some serious props because of its camera.

The Zoe app came pre-installed, allowing the user a quick and easy way to turn their photos and videos into movies. You could pick from your own favorite music or use the tunes that came on the app in order to tie them together. I also liked how the photo albums were organized by source. I was able to locate images quickly based on where they originated – such as Google Drive or the camera itself, or if I had edited them in social media apps like PhotoGrid, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the built-in editing software. There were too many submenus to get to something simple like cropping an image and then the multiple points of accepting the changes to the image before it was ready for upload. Because of this, I found myself uploading the image to either PhotoGrid or Instagram directly and then using the editing software on those apps to get the image enhanced to my liking.

Reliable & Versatile Enough for Work

HTCONEM9 homescreenI used the HTC One M9 trackside at all Verizon IndyCar Series race weekends in May: Angie’s List Grand Prix of Indianapolis, Indianapolis 500 Qualifying, The 99th Running of the Indianapolis 500 and the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit.

One thing that I used the entire month at every event was a folder on my homepage entitled, #inthepits. The Android OS allows users to create folders with multiple apps and then name those folders in order to keep things organized. I liked the format of the folder icon on the HTC One M9’s platform because it shows the first four apps in the folder rather than having them stacked, like on other phones, which only allow you to see one app per folder icon.

I placed all the apps that I used most frequently when outside the media center, in my #inthepits folder so I had ease of access when live tweeting, updating a post on Live Full Throttle or needing to capture a quick photo or Vine. I also utilized the IndyCar 15 app regularly to keep up to date with position changes, lap times, and quickest drivers during practice and qualifying sessions when I was working but did not have direct view of the monitors in or above pit lane.

Sounds Like a Winner to Me

The front-facing speakers of the HTC One M9 have Dolby Audio and a built in amplifier. I would play local stations on the iHeartRadio app while travelling while having the phone plugged into my AUX connection in the car stereo and thanks to HTC Boom Sound, it sounded like I had HD radio. I guess this shouldn’t be too surprising condering that it is 24-bit high-definition sound coming from the HTC One M9 speakers! I loved using this when driving from Cleveland to Columbus to Indianapolis every weekend in May and not having to miss one of my favorite after-work radio shows during the drive – the Alan Cox Show on WMMS 100.7 FM Cleveland!

It also came in handy for listening to practices and qualifying when I was not covering events live at the track. I was able to tune in to IndyCar Radio via the IndyCar 15 app during the Honda Indy Toronto weekend and listen to the action live. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday prior to the race itself, I was in Indiana with my Dad for the Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational and we would have missed the events leading up to IndyCar race if not for the HTC One M9. Thanks to the incredible sound quality, we were able to both enjoy the broadcast during our road trip, over the speakers of my car radio.

Advanced Calling 1.0

One of the newest features on the Verizon Wireless network provides users the opportunity to enjoy HD-quality voice and video calls. I was lucky enough to try these features out with a fellow device reviewer during the time I used the HTC One M9. The details of that experience are on the Verizon Midwest Blog which you can check out right here!

We All Make Mistakes

Uh-oh! We’ve all been there. You drop your phone, you crack your screen, or somehow it sustains water damage. HTC understands this and that’s why they developed the aptly named Uh-Oh protection. This protection program allows you to receive a one-time replacement phone due to a cracked screen or water damage within the first 12 months that you own the device. If you get through those first 12 months without needing to take advantage of the replacement phone, you get a $100 credit towards your next HTC phone.

Forgiveness for mistakes and a reward for good care… if only all relationships were that beneficial! And the cherry on top of all of this? Your HTC One M9 is on the Nation’s most reliable network, Verizon Wireless. So, you can use your device (replacement or not) with confidence, whether you are at home or on the road!

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