Track Tech: Verizon Wireless Thanksgetting

thanksgetting-social-shareIt’s that time of year again… the temperatures are falling, the travel is increasing, the family is arriving, and our data plans are nearing their limits… much like our stomachs! But hey, if you can find room for that pumpkin pie at the end of your Thanksgiving night, Verizon can certainly find the room to let you purchase & download your own copy Planes, Trains and Automobiles… and let’s not forget you have pull up that YouTube video of Adam Sandler’s original performance of The Thanksgiving Song on Saturday Night Live to watch with your cousins, just one more time!

What are the holidays if not full of traditions, right?

Verizon couldn’t agree more, which is why their annual Thanksgiving giveaways continue this year! In 2016, this day of giving is officially being dubbed, #Thanksgetting!

“Verizon customers can ‘get’ an extra gig of data to enjoy all the digital world has to offer throughout the holiday season.” Plus, “Verizon worked with a number of top partners to create Thanksgetting, which is centered around a suite of gifts that will help keep travel boredom at bay. Best of all, these digital gifts are available to anyone who visits between now and Wednesday, November 25, regardless of whether or not they’re a Verizon customer.”

The most traveled day of the year should feel slightly less stressful this year, with:

  • Movies, TV shows, music, e-books and apps from Amazon
  • A $5 gift certificate to iTunes from Apple
  • A 30-day Pandora One trial for new subscribers
  • A $20 credit toward a ride on Thanksgetting Day (November 25) from Lyft
  • Airport Wi-Fi from Boingo
  • In-flight Wi-Fi from Gogo
  • MyRewards+ points from Verizon Fios

“There is something additional for Verizon customers: an extra gigabyte of data that can be used now and another gigabyte for the next bill cycle to enjoy the Thanksgetting bounty throughout the holiday season.”

I just signed up for #Thanksgetting myself, and it couldn’t be simpler. Simply visit and enter your email address in order to be notified of redemption times & details on Wednesday, November 25th.

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