Track Tech: Verizon Wireless’ Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

tabs2The vivid display, the lightweight design, the dependability of the Verizon 4G LTE network, multi-tasking features, and communication options amongst paired devices are just a handful of the selling points for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.

We are all attached to our smart devices. More often than not, they are within an arm’s reach or closer to us. Personally, I only have smart phones and an iPod. I really enjoy getting to review tablets since they are outside my usual usage. The most obvious difference with using a tablet over a phone is the size – and it truly does make a difference across the board.

“Thin, bright and flat–out gorgeous, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a premium tablet that doesn’t disappoint. Its 9.7–inch Super AMOLED display is vivid and colorful, bringing movies, photos and games to life.” – Verizon Wireless

While the display was fantastic, the camera left much to be desired. If this was upgraded from it’s current 8mp, the Samsung tab S2 has the potential to be a one-and-done piece of technology. But in a world where we seem to experience and share our lives via photo, we need a lens that is going to impress and capture what we want to document. Unfortunately, while the standard shot is decent, the zoom feature might as well not exist due to how grainy the shots become. I found myself grabbing for my phone quite often during this demo, when I wanted to take a picture, because I was not pleased with the quality of the Tab S2 images.

Outside the shortcomings of the camera, I enjoyed most apps a lot more with the Tab S2 because of the screen size, the detail to the images as well as things like the color brightness & contrast that I may not have noticed on a smaller phone screen. Scrolling and zooming less really enhanced my experience and overall enjoyment whether I was reviewing my calendar, reading articles, watching Netflix, or just checking out cute animal videos on Facebook. I also want to note that the sharing experience of watching said videos, shows, etc., was enhanced – quite simply, the larger device made watching things together more fun because it reduced the “squint factor” and the speakers were loud enough to watch from a distance without struggling to hear dialogue or music.

 “It fits easily in your bag and goes anywhere you do. Stay entertained  or work on the go with this super–slim, ultra–lightweight tablet. It’s perfect for travel, with a thin metal design that offers a premium look and feel and a weight so light you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying it. More advanced than before, the integrated fingerprint scanner makes unlocking your tablet quick and secure.” – Verizon Wireless

I didn’t have to bring my laptop with me on my weekend trips because the Tab S2 kept me connected, gave me a virtual keyboard big enough to type on normally if I set it down flat, and yet I was still able to unplug easily for hours at a time because I knew everything would be updated and waiting for me when I jumped back online. Cheers to less baggage!

I used the Target Cartwheel app & widget to save big money over the holidays, and it was nice being able to see all my deals on one screen instead of needing to scroll as much as usual, and yet it never got in the way, as it was easy to tuck away in my purse when I needed my hands free. The Tab S2 kept me on target (pun intended) and focused on what I actually came in the store to purchase… which as we all know, is not an easy task in said retail establishment.

“Enhance your experience with America s largest, most reliable 4G LTE network.” – Verizon Wireless

Unfortunately not all news is good news and when something devastating occurs in our world, we want to stay up to date every second, understanding what is happening and most importantly, making sure our loved ones are safe and sound. Situations like the Attacks in Paris this past November, are when you want to be absolutely certain you have information in real-time. With Verizon, I had the utmost confidence in that fact. I was able to communicate via text and Facebook with friends in France and family & friends here in the states that had connections in Paris. We were very lucky that our contacts ended up being safe, but sadly that wasn’t the case for many individuals that night – we continue to keep those victims and their families in our hearts & prayers.

“Make the most of your tablet time with advanced multitasking features. Easily open two apps side by side,  so you can flip through your photos while browsing online. Read an email and view a presentation at the same time. With the Galaxy Tab S2, you can do more, faster.” – Verizon Wireless

I’ve always liked the Multi Window option, but it’s undeniable that sometimes on a phone screen, it can feel crowded. Not true on the Tab S2, however. Each stacked window is in-and-of-itself, the approximate size of a smartphone screen, so you don’t feel like you’re straining to find what you need or worried about accidentally closing the window when interacting with it. The Tab S2 definitely makes this feature more enticing.

“Share your screen with compatible TVs using Quick Connect. Communicate between the Galaxy Tab S2 and your compatible smartphone with SideSync to quickly drag and drop files between devices. Even respond to a text message or answer a call to your smartphone directly from your tablet.” – Verizon Wireless

I highly recommend having a tablet in addition to your regular smartphone, and keeping them all in the same family make sense because you can use Verizon Messages and get your text  and call notifications  on the tablet as well. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and the entire Galaxy family of devices keeps you connected to everything important. It even makes sure you’re having some fun along the way. And with the Verizon 4G LTE network powering those devices, you can be confident that your smart devices are indeed, smart. Afterall, what good is the world’s best technology if you don’t have a dependable network to back them up?