Track Tech: Verizon’s LG V10

LG V10 YouTubeAt first glance, the LG V10 demands your attention. Dare I say, in the Luxe White body with gold metal edging, it also demands your reverence. But do not be intimidated by the build. Sure, it stands out on it’s own in a sea of familiar facade phones, but it is equal portions brain and brawn as it is beauty.

I was regularly asked by strangers – in line at the movies, at a concert, lakeside while photographing the sunset – what kind of phone I was using. The initial comments were how stunning it looked in general, but the size was also a point of questioning. While not obtrusive, the 5.7” IPS Quantum Display made you feel like you were getting a bonus whenever you picked it up. Pictures were brighter, details were more obvious, emails required less scrolling, videos were more fun to watch and everything from fonts to faces were in HD and crisp imagery. As soon as I let them hold it and play with it a little bit, they were hooked.

While attending the Cleveland Indians Tribe Fest, a fan event put on by Aloft Cleveland Flats East Bank Hotel, I had one gentleman approach me to ask about my phone. He told me he was in the market for a new phone and was wondering what I was using because he had never seen it before. We discussed Verizon Wireless and the LG V10 for a while and before going our separate ways, he admitted that our talk helped him to finally make up his mind – he was going to purchase the LG V10 and switch networks to the nation’s most reliable!

Bringing the Track Back to Track Tech

It felt good to cover a couple of Verizon IndyCar Series off-season events over the past couple months. In January, I helped with the Pre-Season Tweet Up Party at Blockhouse Indy, hosted by Pippa Mann and Well & Company. I also attended Media Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The constant quality connection made covering everything in real-time simple and efficient, giving me less work to catch up on, after the events.

The More, The Merrier

Second screen does not show in screenshots – reminds me of the original edge panel on Samsung Edge phones, but better. More easily accessible, visible and functional. Like the personalization available – example in the free text bar I wrote Live Full Throttle in script with a checkered flag emoji. Truly makes it mine. I also have the icons up there that I use most – calendar, alarm, camera,screenshot grab/edit and settings. The other bar I had set was the next item on my agenda for the day… it was a nice way to see what my next step was in my hectic schedule with a quick glance.

High Quality Abs-thetics

The 5.7-inch IPS Quantum Display with Quad HD resolution presents colors in vibrant imagery and gives the user the ability to watch videos with the quality and detail of a high-end flatscreen HD tv albeit on a smaller scale. But let me tell you, Danny Wheeler (Derek Theler)’s abs on Baby Daddy have never looked better when I watch Netflix on the LG V10. Speaking of washboard abs, the V10 has just as premium an exterior, with a stainless-steel frame and Dura-Glass that can all withstand the occasional drop. And ladies, when you first check out Derek Theler’s abs… it’s understandable if you drop the phone. Just don’t make a habit of it!

Capture, Edit, Share

Watching videos and shows on the LG V10 is quite an experience, but the great part is that you can create videos with just as high quality on the device as well. With optical image stabilization, the moving images are captured with a steady hand even if yours isn’t. The LG V10 boasts three microphones, allowing the focus to be on what you want to record and helping to filter out background noise. The ability to edit your videos with titles, music and image filters makes social media sharing faster and more efficient.

I was really impressed by how much better my periscope videos looked. I streamed about half a dozen while attending the Midnight on the Bricks event at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The event was a community celebration, noting the countdown of 100 days until the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 presented by PennGrade Oil. I noticed that playbacks weren’t nearly as pixelated as usual. Images were much clearer, even in low-lighting. The aesthetic and audio details were much better than with other phone cameras I have used in the past.

Insider tip: when watching videos, shows, movies, or listening to music, connect a set of wired headphones for a high quality audio option. You should see a window pop-up inquiring if you’d like to switch over to HI-FI DAC. Choose yes. And thank me later. (You can also get the option to show up in your notification panel by rearranging the order of your buttons and adding HI-FI DAC to the menu.)

Brighten Up Your Day… And Your Face!

The tech features of the LG V10 continue to check off boxes that most devices can’t. In addition to what’s already mentioned above, there are also three cameras. Yes, three. Two front-facing cameras allow you to take selfies as an individual (close up lens) or with a group (wide angle lens). Both cameras are 5 megapixels and able to shoot photo or video. Another tip for you – if you turn the flash on while in selfie mode, the screen will convert to a white frame around a smaller preview image, allowing you to capture a better-lit selfie. This is great for low-light conditions, but a friendly reminder, don’t do an extended self-photoshoot at a concert or at a restaurant with ambient lighting. A little cell phone etiquette goes a long way – you certainly don’t want to be “that person”!

Sharing the best version of your photos is made easy because of the POP feature that comes as part of the phones editing software. Imagine the best of every Instagram filter, in one simple swipe. You can control the intensity of it as well – from the boldness of the color, the HD aspect of the image and the contrast between shadow & light. It makes for very dramatic and stunning photographs.

The one aspect of the camera/gallery that I am not a big fan of is the method of saving an edited image. If you just click save, it fades in and out between the original and edited image when you are looking at it in the gallery. Which makes sharing the correct one a bit hit or miss. I suggest tapping on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of your newly edited image, and select “Save as”. This allows you to look in the gallery and see the original image and the edited image as two separate thumbnails. Much simpler.

Better Matters. Writing Works.

LG V10 BilioI told you earlier how a gentleman I spoke with had decided to purchase an LG V10 through Verizon, after our conversation. For me, that’s one of the coolest parts of being a tech blogger. My reviews, knowledge and insight potentially influence friends, families, and even total strangers in their decision-making process when it comes to wireless devices. That’s a pretty big deal considering that our devices are a direct extension of ourselves. They help coordinate our days while being a direct component in how those days play out, how we share the occurrences of our days with others and in some instances, how we cope with tragedy and life events.

Being a part of that decision-making process is something I consider an honor and I don’t take it lightly. When folks ask me what phone I would recommend, my immediate response is always, “Well, it depends… what do you consider the most important aspects of a phone?” Their answers are always different and that helps me gage how to best direct them.

The LG V10 is by far my favorite review device in the past 6-7 months. It was hard to send it back and I legitimately miss it. So while I always have my personal favorites, and my recommendations for each person might be different, the one thing that is constant is my recommendation of the Verizon Wireless network. I’ve been a loyal customer for over 15 years and I am happy to be a tech blogger for them for nearly 2 years now. I wouldn’t review and demo devices on a network I didn’t personally stand behind, and the cool part is that Verizon Wireless stands behind their customers as well.

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