Push to Pass Podcast – Ep. 43: ABC Supply 500 Review / Firestone 600 Preview

P2PP 43 Cover


Should pit road incidents have blame placed on drivers or the entire team? Is Marco Andretti’s time with his family-owned team nearing it’s end date or will he just jump the ship that is IndyCar for another racing series that might be more in his wheelhouse?

Plus, was anyone else feeling the weight of this week? Less laughs on Push to Pass this time around and a more serious tone – but not with intent. Hmm, maybe it’s just the tone of Zach’s voice. I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers. But take a listen and give us your opinion on the topics by tweeting in our general direction! Links below.

Complete show notes can be found here on Slipstream Network.


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Feature Photo: Chris Jones / IndyCar