Push to Pass Podcast 45 – IndyCar at The Glen


Let’s talk about Watkins Glen. Yeah, the race concluded a week ago, but you know darn well you aren’t tired of it. And why is that? Because, people…

It’s. The. Glen.

Dusty, Zach and I look back at the IndyCar Grand Prix at The Glen presented by Hitachi, take it apart, cherish it, analyze it, and put it back together again. The green, the yellows, the bus stop, the restarts, the checkered flags, and the Dixon Domination. (An alliteration stated nearly as many times over Labor Day weekend as the word “implications” was stated in Texas.)


Click here to download Episode 45 of P2PP. 


Enjoy it with us, and give us your feedback!

Full show notes for Push to Pass Podcast episode 45 can be found here on Slipstream Network.

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