Push to Pass Podcast 46 / Verizon Track Tech – Live from Sonoma


Dusty and I recorded this week’s episode with me huffing it around Sonoma Raceway. No shame baby, no shame!

Conversation points include a preview of the Go Pro Grand Prix, Hinch’s dancing shoes, my walking shoes, and why this 4G LTE Advanced Network on Verizon makes it possible for us here at Live Full Throttle and over at Slipstream Network to put together the Push to Pass podcast every week.

Whether we are recording across the country/on location via phone or using the mobile hotspot for a stable & clear connection when we record via the internet, Verizon allows us to tap into our passion and share it with you, our amazing listeners!


All the show notes for Episode 46 of the Push to Pass podcast can be found here on Slipstream Network.

Racecast Weather for the Go Pro Grand Prix at Sonoma Raceway:



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