Push to Pass Podcast 55 – Lyn St. James, Charlie Kimball and James Hinchcliffe at PRI


Push to Pass comes to you live from the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show in Downtown Indianapolis, where Dusty & Shay caught up with a few IndyCar drivers to discuss their current projects and the upcoming season.

Lyn St. James gave us some great insight into the motor racing world from a female perspective. She’s a racer first and foremost and her book, An Incredible Journey, is the story of her racing life. Dusty and I both picked up a copy at PRI and look forward to reading it over the holidays. Speaking of, it would make a great gift for the racing fan in your life!

Charlie Kimball discussed his partnership and personal connection with Racing Optics.

James Hinchcliffe spoke to us fresh off the stage after his Mayor on Air LIVE show, still smelling of silly string from his birthday surprise!

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Featured images by Chris Jones