Push to Pass Podcast [S3E6] – A Gap in the Schedule

  • The time between races is not necessarily “down time”. Sometimes, these weeks are the busiest during the season because we are in the process of review, preview, testing, and preparing for the next round. The Verizon IndyCar Series tested at Barber Motorsports Park this week in Birmingham, AL – Dusty, Zach, and I discuss the return of Juan Pablo Montoya to the track.
  • The guys and I also have some fun debating what location might be best for this long-awaited International season kick off that’s been hinted at the past couple years. Could it happen as soon as 2018? And what about the points implication of such a contest… or lack thereof? There’s also hints about a support series joining the IndyCar weekend in Pocono – Zach has the scoop.
  • Sam Schmidt is having a good week – he’s being inducted into the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame and the documentary, Reengineering SAM, featuring his life story and recent endeavors with the SAM Car is premiering at the Cleveland International Film Festival. The CIFF opens next week!

If you are interested in attending either of the two screenings, go here to purchase tickets. (Use the code TWITTER to get $2 off each ticket!) I will be in attendance on Monday, April 3rd at the 9:15 pm screening – tweet me, find me, would love to say hi and talk racing, film, or a combination of both!

  • Speaking of Cleveland… I speak about Cleveland again! My post this past week about a funny interaction between myself and Helio Castroneves kind of made the Twittersphere crazy at the idea of fighting for the return of the #GPofCLE and has inspired me to make something happen in my hometown… listen in, stay tuned, and find out how you can help out down the road.
  • And of course, don’t miss the second installment of our new segment, the Road to Indy Minute w Gerhett!

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