Push to Pass [S3E22] – From Corn Fields to Hogtown

I’m not a runner, but I still participated in a relay event this week. Thankfully, it was in a recording format and now all of you amazing folks get to hear it! Life snuck up on us over the past few days, as life has a tendency to do, and it made it impossible for any combination of the four of us to record the show together! But, we will not let you down. We will persevere through adversity and bring the Push to Pass to you on a weekly basis throughout the Verizon IndyCar Season no matter the challenges that face us! We hope you genuinely enjoy this week’s show, despite the unorthodox format and lack of butting heads between Zach & me.

Find the full P2P-S3E22 Show Notes here!

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Photo credit: Joe Skibinski/IndyCar