Hinchcliffe Identifies Rare Canadian Bird at Watkins Glen

(WATKINS GLEN, NY) – James Hinchcliffe is everyone’s favorite funny-guy in the paddock, but when he gets behind the wheel of that black and gold No. 5 Arrow SPM Honda, he’s all business. And today, that business was ornithology. We’ve learned a lot about Hinch recently – first it was his natural talent of dance, then his campaigning abilities to get more votes than most political candidates, and more recently it was revealed that Hinchcliffe is quite the birding enthusiast. He kicked off the month of May with this unveiling:  


Fans were so enthralled that a Hinchtoon was created for the occasion:


The Canadian Red Bird that Hinch is so great at taming (or unleashing, depending on how you look at it) has remained elusive for the majority of the past 3 months. Today however, it seems that they are in a strange migratory pattern that took them right through Watkins Glen, New York. Nature is incredible.

In the following footage, you’ll see video evidence of the flock as they made their way through the track. They sometimes disguise themselves in a group of similar red birds, but if you look closely and ‘read between the lines’ as it were, you’ll see them…

Happy birding, race fans! May the Mayor be with you.


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