103rd Running of the Indianapolis 500 Logo Represents Prestige and Tradition

This morning, the President of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Doug Boles unveiled the 2019 Indianapolis 500 logo, which moves to a vertical orientation, after multiple years of horizontal angles. The crest acts as the foundation, decked out in navy blue and gold in an “athletic, prestigious, and confident” direction with the bold ‘INDY 500’ wordmark, a basis going forward. The colors are pulled directly from the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway ‘Wing and Wheel’, a familiar symbol that Boles acknowledged is widely recognized and even tattooed on the most hardcore fans. The yard of bricks is represented across the left side of the image, behind the crest but in prominent fashion.

The 103rd Running will continue to build on the success of the second century of racing at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Boles opened up the press conference by explaining that the investment of time and effort that the speedway put in to the 100th Running event, was never a pinnacle or marketing but more of a jumping off point. That dedication and promotion has continued for the 101st and the 102nd. He confirmed that we are seeing ticket sales today, exceeding those of last year at this time. The momentum for the event is noticeable and the speedway has no intention of slowing any time soon.

This new “visual identity” is just another step in that direction. The wordmark will be the basis for future logos, with Boles admitting they’ve enjoyed playing around with the ‘template’ of it to see all the options they have and the ways it can grow with the event and the track through the future.

I am a big fan of change, so I love that it looks significantly different than years past. There were many times I would visit the IMS Museum and Gift Shop while in town over the past year and I would see the 102nd Running logo and think it was last year’s. There wasn’t enough variation for my eyes to differentiate it off the bat, I always had to study it a bit.

Next year’s logo is very clear in it’s differences. At first glance, the crest reminded me of a family crest. I find that fitting and comforting. This event brings people together like no other, it unites families and friends, sometimes for the only weekend each year they see one another. That’s powerful and definitely deserving of the term that’s come to be owned by so many over the past few season – race family.

I love the simplicity of the 103rd Running logo and the fact that it still symbolizes so much, so effortlessly. I guess that’s reflective of the event itself. Racing cars sounds like a simplistic sport at the surface, but once you really understand everything it takes to make it work seamlessly, you respect it and realize it’s a stunning piece of art.

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