From The Land to The Six

I might question my own sanity sometimes, and you are welcome to do the same. But don’t ever question my commitment to racing. This season has presented more obstacles and logistical nightmares than ever before, and it’s made it very difficult to bring you guys consistent content. I’m not going to try and skate around that fact. But it will not stop me from trying to improve and trying to create the time and trying to be present for as many races as physically possible. I’m playing with some ideas that will allow me to give you more content, in a more concise manner, and that could eventually mean a lesser focus on written, and a stronger focus on social media, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it – likely for the 2019 season at this point.

Speaking of crossing bridges, I hit the road straight from my office in Cleveland yesterday, after a 53-hour work week (at job #1), with the destination of Toronto on my mind, and on the GPS screen of Purple Hazen. A relatively successful and smooth trip, despite the Canadian Border Patrol gentleman who apparently found the idea of a woman travelling alone to be mind-boggling. Get on board bro. It’s a brave new world.

Besides, I’m a blonde chick driving a purple car that’s slightly larger than a shoe. Yes, I’m super threatening.

Moving on.

This morning, the 14 mile (because I just can’t figure out that kilometer thing) drive to the track was way easier than it was back in 2016. Hardly any traffic and clearly posted signage with detours helped me get to the Enercare Centre exactly when I wanted. If you’re planning to attend the event tomorrow, I suggest arriving to the area about an hour before gates open or even sooner. The lack of traffic at that hour made the morning way less aggravating than I had anticipated.

And shout-out to the volunteers in and around Enercare Centre – super helpful and full of pleasant greetings with smiling faces. Great way to start my weekend here in Toronto.

The Verizon IndyCar Series is getting ready to take the track for their final practice. Yesterday, Scott Dixon topped the practice charts in his No. 9 PNC Bank Ganassi Honda, with the fastest lap overall of 59.0751. He looks to hold on to the points lead this weekend, with the timing sheets showing Honda’s clear strength on this 11-turn temporary street circuit, and Dixon being one of if not the strongest and most consistent car and driver for the manufacturer this season.

But enough with the words, time to get out on the track. Or at least to the pits, for this non-threatening blonde blogger. Here’s to a great Saturday on the streets of Toronto!

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Photo credit: Chris Owens / IndyCar