The Cleveland Browns are Making Me Rethink Everything

When I was a kid, the main sports I liked to watch were baseball and auto racing. When I went off to college I got really into college football and hockey. I rarely ever missed a home football game and I even went to nearby ‘away’ games against the Rockets (Tuck Foledo) and the University of Akron Zips. (I know, me traveling for entertainment purposes… shocking!) Returning home to Cleveland after college had me missing college ball. I tried to get on board with the Browns, but they never spoke to me. I never felt any heart from them. Did … Continue reading The Cleveland Browns are Making Me Rethink Everything

An eventful first Practice as IndyCar teams feel out 2018 aero kits at Mid-Ohio

Three red flags make for an eventful practice. Thankfully, no injuries or serious damage was reported, but it could foreshadow a wild weekend ahead of us. These kits are definitely able to throw a wrench into the plans of these drivers, as everyone tests their limits at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course over the next three days. Matheus Leist, one of the first drivers to take to the track after the installation laps, went off track in Turn 5 and caused the first red flag. The AMR Safety Team responded quickly as always and got the No. 4 ABC Supply … Continue reading An eventful first Practice as IndyCar teams feel out 2018 aero kits at Mid-Ohio

From The Land to The Six

I might question my own sanity sometimes, and you are welcome to do the same. But don’t ever question my commitment to racing. This season has presented more obstacles and logistical nightmares than ever before, and it’s made it very difficult to bring you guys consistent content. I’m not going to try and skate around that fact. But it will not stop me from trying to improve and trying to create the time and trying to be present for as many races as physically possible. I’m playing with some ideas that will allow me to give you more content, in … Continue reading From The Land to The Six

That Time I Asked Helio Castroneves About Cleveland

When I meet people at a track for the first time, they usually already know I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. That is, if they follow me on any form of social media. I’m far from shy when it comes to proclaiming my adoration of the city I call home. I sing it proudly from the rooftops. And I’ve always been that way, well before the Larry O’Brien trophy took up residence. The other thing that I love loudly and unashamedly, is IndyCar. Once upon a time, the two loves of my life came together on a single summer weekend and all … Continue reading That Time I Asked Helio Castroneves About Cleveland

Cleveland’s 2015 IndyCar Connection

Surrounded by multiple Maseratis, a bright orange McLaren, a Rolls Royce that refuses to be categorized into a single “type” of automobile and a yellow Porsche that is as equally beautiful as it is blinding, is not a bad way to spend a Friday morning – particularly when it’s being done on Millionaire’s Row. Collection Auto Group, recently rebranded as Bernie Moreno Companies, presents the foreign & luxury car lineup every year at the Cleveland Auto Show and it’s a not-to-be-missed exhibit of lavish vehicles for attendees. I spoke with Bernie about the past year of sponsorship that Collection Auto … Continue reading Cleveland’s 2015 IndyCar Connection

Fulfill Your Need for Speed at the 2015 Cleveland Auto Show

Yesterday, I had the chance to walk around the Cleveland Auto Show while they were still building the floor and setting up all the fancy cars. I only shot a few pictures because honestly, you need to see this stuff in person. Shay Hazen (@Shayzen) and I (@damienbowman) will be at the Auto Show throughout the week covering various angles of, well, wheels, but here are some of the cars you can expect to see. Mazda MX-5 Developed in Hiroshima and sold not be Mazda, but by Mozsaspeed Motorsports, sells for a cool $45,000 but is ready to race. The car … Continue reading Fulfill Your Need for Speed at the 2015 Cleveland Auto Show

IndyCar Should Return to Cleveland, but Not the Airport

Many, years ago, I lived and breathed auto racing, then something happened to me. I’m not exactly sure what happened, or when it happened, but I went from a racing fanatic, to a regular ol’ casual fan. One thing that never changed was my love for open wheel racing on the North Coast, aka Cleveland, Ohio. IndyCar, or IRL, or CART, or whatever they’re calling themselves this week, hasn’t happened at Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport (that’s a mouthful) since 2007. While I’m very much in favor of the series returning to Cleveland, I’m of the opinion that it shouldn’t happen … Continue reading IndyCar Should Return to Cleveland, but Not the Airport

Cleveland Auto Show Preview

IndyCar & Cleveland. It’s a combination that I personally, am a big fan of. The Cleveland Auto Show opens to the public today at 11am and runs through March 9th. However, the excitement kicked off yesterday at the press preview. The Collection Auto Group, with many local & national accolades for their Mercedes-Benz and Maserati dealerships, announced that they were partnering with Bryan Herta Autosport as a sponsor for the 2014 IndyCar season. As a part of this pairing, Castrol will become the primary motor oil for The Collection Auto Group. Bryan Herta, founder of the 2011 Indianapolis 500 winning … Continue reading Cleveland Auto Show Preview

The Cleveland Circuit

Rumors from varying perspectives flew around the past couple of weeks… and this past Friday it was confirmed – this year’s third Grand Prix of Baltimore, would indeed be the last. At least for now. If you’ve been reading my contributions here on MTAF Wheels, you’ll know that my introductory column, was one of praise for the street circuit in Baltimore – even if it could have benefited from a few changes. Unfortunately, we won’t get the chance to see if any changes would have been implemented. It’s frustrating, especially since I was only able to attend the 2013 race … Continue reading The Cleveland Circuit