“Brutal, but brilliant.”

Over my lunch break, Facebook reminded me of how far I've come as a person... and it brought all kinds of thoughts to the forefront of my mind. Here are a few of them... It's incredible how much life can change in the span of 9 years. I don't even know the girl that wrote... Continue Reading →

Saying goodbye to Sonoma

Here we are again, at the end of another IndyCar season. Hard to believe the championship-deciding weekend is already upon us. As I sit here at the same desk I’ve sat at for the past 3 seasons, I can’t help but take in every moment and soak up that California sun shining in thru the... Continue Reading →

Cole Swindell discusses “You Should Be Here” at NASCAR race in Kentucky

by Ryan Isley SPARTA, Kentucky – Cole Swindell could have been back home in Nashville on Saturday after playing a concert in Wisconsin on Friday night. But an open date and a NASCAR race being in Kentucky was just too much temptation to pass up for the avid NASCAR fan. Swindell stopped by Kentucky Speedway... Continue Reading →

From The Land to The Six

I might question my own sanity sometimes, and you are welcome to do the same. But don’t ever question my commitment to racing. This season has presented more obstacles and logistical nightmares than ever before, and it’s made it very difficult to bring you guys consistent content. I’m not going to try and skate around... Continue Reading →

Raceday Morning Ramblings from IMS

Earlier this week, a friend asked me what time I was planning to arrive at the track on raceday. I said 3:30 a.m. He laughed and spit part of his drink out and said, “Oh my gosh, sorry, I thought you said ‘3:30’.” I looked him in the eyes and said, “Yep, I did.” He... Continue Reading →

From paintings and liveries to charities and championships, the people of the paddock are what makes racing special

One of the my favorite things about racing is the people. Everyone gathers at a track with a shared love of racing, but the various ways in which we all find ourselves connected to this sport is endless. Racing gives us stories. Every fan, media member, staff member, driver, owner, crew member, and in this... Continue Reading →

Back on Track. Literally.

Honey, I’m home! That was the first thing I said when I walked into my friend’s house yesterday, here in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s also what I said in my head when I arrived at Barber Motorsports Park this morning at 6:00am. I’ve been away from the Verizon IndyCar Series circuit for what feels like an... Continue Reading →

Nineteen Years, A Survivor

19 years ago today, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I endured 2.5 years of chemotherapy and never stopped fighting. I knew it wasn't my time. I knew I had more to do in life, more to experience... and I decided I would never forget that once it was all over. I promised myself to always... Continue Reading →

Ready for holiday travel!

This is the first time I can remember having legitimate travel plans around Christmas time. I've always been lucky to have the majority of my family here in Ohio and have celebrated the holidays in and around Cleveland my entire life. Christmas Eve is normally spent at my Nana's house. Those Christmas Eve's in her... Continue Reading →

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