Four-time IndyCar Series Champion Dixon is Subject of Feature-Length Documentary

It’s no secret that I love Indy car racing. I’m also pretty open about my other passions - live music and film. These are all lifelong passions that started at a very young age. And what I've found pretty amazing, are the moments when these vastly different interests intersect and create something even more memorable.... Continue Reading →

From LA to L.A. – IndyCar featured in Will Smith film, ‘Focus’

Focus. It’s something we are required to have when we find our passion and want to turn it into something bigger… something more tangible and accessible than a simple admiration or desire. Focus is what allows us to move forward, what assists us in turning dreams into reality. Focus also happens to be the title... Continue Reading →

Racing is Life

I want to talk about family. This desire was inspired by a multitude of things over the past week or so, most recently as this evening - but I don’t want to spoil a certain film that’s coming out this Friday, Sept 27th so I will choose my words wisely. Coincidently, this Friday is not... Continue Reading →

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