Living in the Moment

It’s been years since I felt the desire to write. I can’t really tell you why, or pinpoint a legitimate explanation. I’ve experienced writer’s block before – that’s more having the desire to write but feeling no inspiration or feeling like the words aren’t coming to you even though you know what you want to say. 2 years in, and the constant absence of desire to write is really bumming me out. I miss it. I want to want it. But I opted not to force it. I opted to just live life and see what happens. And here I … Continue reading Living in the Moment

Saying goodbye to Sonoma

Here we are again, at the end of another IndyCar season. Hard to believe the championship-deciding weekend is already upon us. As I sit here at the same desk I’ve sat at for the past 3 seasons, I can’t help but take in every moment and soak up that California sun shining in thru the window in front of me. After Sunday, there’s no telling when or if the series will return to wine country. This is the last year that the Verizon IndyCar Series is scheduled to race at Sonoma Raceway. The 2.385-mile road course has served as the … Continue reading Saying goodbye to Sonoma

From The Land to The Six

I might question my own sanity sometimes, and you are welcome to do the same. But don’t ever question my commitment to racing. This season has presented more obstacles and logistical nightmares than ever before, and it’s made it very difficult to bring you guys consistent content. I’m not going to try and skate around that fact. But it will not stop me from trying to improve and trying to create the time and trying to be present for as many races as physically possible. I’m playing with some ideas that will allow me to give you more content, in … Continue reading From The Land to The Six

Ready for holiday travel!

This is the first time I can remember having legitimate travel plans around Christmas time. I’ve always been lucky to have the majority of my family here in Ohio and have celebrated the holidays in and around Cleveland my entire life. Christmas Eve is normally spent at my Nana’s house. Those Christmas Eve’s in her beautiful home, with the perfect tree full of meaningful ornaments and sparkling white lights, lit the living room in a comforting hue and made me feel like I was in a Norman Rockwell painting. Those evenings are some of my most vivid and cherished childhood … Continue reading Ready for holiday travel!

I Made It, Castroneves Led Carb Day, and IMS is Ready to Make More History

I’m extremely thankful that I made it to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this month. I honestly didn’t think it would be possible. Mind over matter and a truly determined spirit, combined with hard work can accomplish more than one might imagine. I think Helio Castroneves would agree with that sentiment, and let me tell you why. It’s no secret that Team Penske has been struggling over the past 10 days leading up to this Indianapolis 500 weekend, but then Carb Day happened. The last track time that is bestowed upon the field of 33, before taking the green for the … Continue reading I Made It, Castroneves Led Carb Day, and IMS is Ready to Make More History

Racing By Design

“They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.”  We hear this a lot nowadays… sometimes in regards to appliances, houses, or heck… sometimes it’s regarding people in general! But the reference this quote seems to most often regard, is the automobile. Now, while I can appreciate and even validate on some levels, why the automobile has perhaps, already seen it’s glory days, I don’t think it’s fair to say that automotive art is a thing of the past. I know for a fact I am in the company of many when I say that because if I were alone … Continue reading Racing By Design

Man & Machine Meet in Detroit

We are just about at the halfway point. A little less than three months since the last IndyCar race weekend and a little less than three months until the next one! We as race fans, and specifically IndyCar fanatics, have been biding our time during the offseason – last month I suggested a daytrip to Indianapolis Motor Speedway for some time spent at the Hall of Fame & Museum to help with those wintertime blues, and hopefully you were blessed to enjoy the company of friends and family over the Holidays. Then of course, last weekend we sufficed our need … Continue reading Man & Machine Meet in Detroit