Davey Hamilton, Jr. Carries on Family Tradition

The more track action, the better. This is the mentality of every passionate racing driver you’ll meet. It’s also the mentality held by the majority of track owners, event promoters, and racing fans. Everyone loves when the Verizon IndyCar Series has support series with them at race weekends - there is never dull moment and... Continue Reading →

Brabham’s Week: From 200 Laps Around to 200 Feet Across

Fresh off his stint at the Indianapolis 500 with PIRTEK Team Murray and a P22 finish, Matthew Brabham jumped into the No. 7 Speed Energy Stadium Super Truck by Traxxas yesterday at the Chevrolet Dual in Detroit presented by Quicken Loans for Race #1. Oh, and he won it. If you're unfamiliar with Super Tricks,... Continue Reading →

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