By Ryan Isley

I have said time and time again that NASCAR is one of the premier sports out there in terms of athletes and teams connecting with their fans. Whether it is drivers visiting kids in a hospital, tweeting with a fan on Twitter or even five-time defending NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson showing up at the NASCAR tweet-up prior to last Sunday’s race in New Hampshire to meet and greet fans, NASCAR drivers are completely in tune with their ever-growing fan base.

Nationwide Series Driver Mike Harmon (@hrmn8ter) is out to prove me right in the next couple of weeks by going above and beyond the call of duty for any athlete, no matter the sport.

Some may remember Harmon from this wreck during practice at Bristol in 2002, but after what he is attempting to do to help out an 11-year-old girl from Alabama named Marrissa Bishop (@LilMarrissa), people will associate the name Mike Harmon with doing a great thing for a brave girl.

While MLB has done their best to price out the most loyal fans, the NFL is mired in a lockout and the NBA is headed in the same direction, there is one sport that understands it needs to cater to the fans – NASCAR.

As many of you know, I lost my mom this past February. Losing her and struggling through Mother’s Day made it that much more important to me that I did something special for my dad on Father’s Day. While I was not really sure what to do, I figured something would hit me.