Simon Pagenaud: Championship Contender?

IndyCar is down to its last two weekends of the 2013 season. The remaining two weekends will have three races at two different venues. The first weekend in October will see the series return to Reliant Park in downtown Houston, Texas for the first time since running there under the ChampCar banner back in 2007.... Continue Reading →

Racing is Life

I want to talk about family. This desire was inspired by a multitude of things over the past week or so, most recently as this evening - but I don’t want to spoil a certain film that’s coming out this Friday, Sept 27th so I will choose my words wisely. Coincidently, this Friday is not... Continue Reading →

The Cleveland Circuit

Rumors from varying perspectives flew around the past couple of weeks… and this past Friday it was confirmed – this year’s third Grand Prix of Baltimore, would indeed be the last. At least for now. If you’ve been reading my contributions here on MTAF Wheels, you’ll know that my introductory column, was one of praise... Continue Reading →

What NASCAR Should Have Done About What Happened at Richmond

by Ryan Isley   What a week this has been for NASCAR as they have tried to put themselves on par with the NCAA when it comes to scandals. In the Federated Auto Parts 400 last Saturday at Richmond International Raceway, three teams in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series crossed the line when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Scott

I had a few different ideas of what I wanted to discuss this week but one person kept coming to the forefront of my mind – Scott Dixon. The past six races have really had glaring focus on him, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the not-so-good. The spotlight started shining on him this... Continue Reading →

Bittersweet Baltimore

This past weekend in Baltimore was my fourth & final IndyCar Race Weekend of the 2013 season. Maryland was the fourth state I traveled to for the series this year as well. To say I love IndyCar would indeed be accurate, but also a bit of an understatement. I've been around IndyCar for as long... Continue Reading →

Different Year, Same Situation for Jeff Gordon

by Ryan Isley It will be almost like déjà vu for Jeff Gordon this weekend at Richmond International Raceway. Almost. After trailing Kyle Busch by 12 points heading into the final race before the Chase last season, Gordon will only have to be half as good at Richmond this season to catch the other Busch... Continue Reading →

Tony Stewart's Wreck Presents Catch-22 for NASCAR Drivers

by Ryan Isley William Shakespeare famously wrote in Hamlet “To race or not to race?” Ok, maybe he actually wrote “To be or not to be?” But the question that faces NASCAR drivers after Tony Stewart crashed in a sprint car race in Iowa last week is whether or not drivers should be racing outside... Continue Reading →

NASCAR Needs to Fix TNT Coverage

by Ryan Isley After watching the first part of the NASCAR season on Fox, I could not wait for the coverage to switch to someone else. I guess I should have been careful what I asked for because no matter how bad Fox might have been, they are leaps and bounds ahead of the garbage... Continue Reading →

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