The Cleveland Browns are Making Me Rethink Everything

When I was a kid, the main sports I liked to watch were baseball and auto racing. When I went off to college I got really into college football and hockey. I rarely ever missed a home football game and I even went to nearby ‘away’ games against the Rockets (Tuck Foledo) and the University of Akron Zips. (I know, me traveling for entertainment purposes… shocking!) Returning home to Cleveland after college had me missing college ball. I tried to get on board with the Browns, but they never spoke to me. I never felt any heart from them. Did … Continue reading The Cleveland Browns are Making Me Rethink Everything

NASCAR Needs Concussion Protocol

By Ryan Isley Where do we go from here? That has to be the question on the minds of those in charge at NASCAR after Dale Earnhardt, Jr. announced last Thursday that he would be sitting out two races due to suffering his second concussion in five weeks after the wreck on the final lap at Talladega. It would stand to reason that NASCAR would need to make sure they have plenty of precautions in place to make sure that drivers are not driving while suffering the effects of a concussion, as Earnhardt, Jr. did after sustaining the first one … Continue reading NASCAR Needs Concussion Protocol