Honda Indy Toronto Race 1 Delay Yields Questions About Safety in Racing

If you thought today was crazy… just you wait! After approximately 150 minutes of waiting through the rainstorm, two waved off starts, a drifting Honda pacecar and one DW12 in the wall, the first race of the Honda Indy Toronto weekend was officially postponed... and in actuality, never started. Not all was lost in the... Continue Reading →

One Down, Four To Go

Well, here we are. Officially one month into the IndyCar off-season. As I sit here and hope with bated breath that a certain few charismatic drivers will renew their obviously-titled YouTube series for another winter, I have to admit that my time away from the tracks, while certainly difficult, is well spent and just as... Continue Reading →

Houston, We Have a Problem

Filled with excitement and anticipation… that was the way most IndyCar fans entered into this past weekend in Houston. We had waited an entire month to taste the sweetness of another race weekend. We had high hopes for our favorite drivers as we gathered at the track or around our televisions from the comfort of... Continue Reading →

Susie Wheldon – a Story of Strength and Courage

In Victory Lane at Indianapolis Motor Speedway following the 2012 Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, there were similarities to the Victory Lane celebration from the 2011 Indianapolis 500. The winning driver stood there with the wreath around his neck and milk dripping down his chin, all while wearing those familiar white-rimmed sunglasses, as Susie Wheldon made her way down... Continue Reading →

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