IndyCar Drivers: The Ultimate Athletes

“Oh yay… they went around in a circle AGAIN… how exciting!” That’s the kind of sarcastic commentary we as race fans have to listen to when those who do not follow racing decide to comment on it. One thing you may know about me is that I have an opinion – on just about everything...... Continue Reading →

It's Election Day! Vote @hinchtown!

Every November, we come together as communities, states and a nation as a whole to vote on issues that directly affect us in our everyday lives. Whether it is a vote cast for the mayor of our city to continue moving our community onward and upward, a levy passed for our schools to give children... Continue Reading →

Houston, We Have a Problem

Filled with excitement and anticipation… that was the way most IndyCar fans entered into this past weekend in Houston. We had waited an entire month to taste the sweetness of another race weekend. We had high hopes for our favorite drivers as we gathered at the track or around our televisions from the comfort of... Continue Reading →

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